Advice for Graduate Students

This is a collection of most useful web pages from our earlier "NN Group User's Guide" Wiki. Most of the old Wiki focused on various technologies that were outdated by now--in contrast, most of these pages focus on the most enduring and timeless topics that should be useful for grad students in general (except the last section). These pages were thoroughly updated in Sep 2022, so should be useful for a while. Enjoy!

Getting Started

Getting Started On A Project
Working With Your Advisor
An oldie but goodie:

Research Skills

Surveying the Literature
Staying Current
Going To Conferences
Writing (Tips)


Masters Thesis
PhD Proposal (Outline; Heilmeier Questions)
Completing a Dissertation
Getting a Job (Jobtalk)

NN Group Tools

NN Group Meetings
NN Email And Group
NN Directory and Website
Running Linux Demos
NN Group Machines

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