The NN Website and the NN Directory

The website and the directory cs:/u/nn and the various products and shared tools of the NN Group. The idea is that the website is public, vs. the directory is intended for internal use.

NN Website

The website is maintained as part of the "AI-lab" website, using the AI-lab-wide database for research area descriptions, researcher homepages, projects, demos, publications, and software/data. The database is maintained through the AI-lab admin interface, with an "nn" login. The NN site pages have their own design and organization that's different from other groups. There are also areas for spotlights, NN meetings and these advice pages that are outside the AI-Lab database.

All of us should have our own home page up to date with a research description and a picture. The database nicely cross-references areas, people, projects, demos, publications, and software so that those fields are automatically populated in your home page (and similarly in all other pages). Whenever you have produced something new, like a paper, demo, or software, please make an entry for it in the database. The fields are usually clear enough, but there are also instructions on what needs to be included and how---please make sure you follow the instructions!

NN Directory

The cs:/u/nn directory has material that generally requires running a program through a unix shell (like LaTeX, neural net simulators, etc). The README files in each subdirectory should give you a pretty good idea of what is available. Anyone with a cs account can access material in this directory, but you have to belong to the nn group to change anything in it. This directory serves as an archive, and only well-polished things should go in here. If you are planning on doing some major reorganization, talk to Risto first.

However, feel free to contribute to the archive if you come across something that should go in here. Also, if you find any errors or out-of-date information in any of the readme files or elsewhere, feel free to fix them.

If you add something, remember to update the appropriate README file (usually in the same directory). Also, there might be pages in this user's guide that should refer to it, so check that as well. If it is something major (a new tool etc), also send email to nn to let people know. If you plan to update something drastically, it might be a good idea to move the old version to /u/nn/tmp/old rather than deleting it, just in case. The directories and files should be nn writable: say "chmod g+w file" and "chgrp nn file", or else say "/u/nn/bin/updatepermis directory" to change an entire directory and its subdirectories at once.

Some directories are marked "Write access controlled by CVS" in the list below. These are the directories whose contents are edited regularly; CVS helps to us keep track of the various edits made by different people. Please do not directly edit any of the files in the CVS-controlled directories in /u/nn. Instead, check out the corresponding CVS project (cvs checkout project-name) into your own home directory, edit your local copy of the files, and then commit the changes. (The project-name is the CVS module name for the project; it is usually the same as the directory name, e.g. "bin" for /u/nn/bin.) These steps are all described in the README files in each directory.

Here's a short summary of what's in /u/nn:

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