Modeling Cortical Plasticity Based On Adapting Lateral Interaction (1995)
A neural network model called LISSOM for the cooperative self-organization of afferent and lateral connections in cortical maps is applied to modeling cortical plasticity. After self-organization, the LISSOM maps are in a dynamic equilibrium with the input, and reorganize like the cortex in response to simulated cortical lesions and intracortical microstimulation. The model predicts that adapting lateral interactions are fundamental to cortical reorganization, and suggests techniques to hasten recovery following sensory cortical surgery.
In James M. Bower, editors, The Neurobiology of Computation: {T}he Proceedings of the Third Annual Computation and Neural Systems Conference, 305-310, 1995.

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The LISSOM package contains the C++, Python, and Scheme source code and examples for training and testing firing-rate...