The Role of Postsynaptic Potential Decay Rate in Neural Synchrony (2003)
Integrate-and-􏰒re neurons have been used widely to model large-scale networks with temporal dynamics. Previous work has focused on temporal delays in modulating synchronization behavior; not much attention has been given to the postsynaptic potential (PSP) decay rate. In this paper, we show that varying the PSP decay rate has the same e􏰓ect as adjusting the axonal conduction delay. The decay rate can be adjusted independently at di􏰓erent locations in the neuron, allowing precise 􏰒ne tuning of synchronization behavior. Also, because the adjustments can be local and small, this process can be more e􏰔cient than adjusting the larger-scale axonal delays.
Neurocomputing, 52-54:707-712, January 2003.

Yoonsuck Choe Ph.D. Alumni choe [at] tamu edu
Risto Miikkulainen Faculty risto [at] cs utexas edu