Cem C Tutum
Research Scientist
I am a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at UT-Austin. I am teaching "Computational Intelligence in Design: Games, Agents and 3D Printing" as part of the FRI (Freshman Research Initiative) program at College of Natural Sciences. I received my degrees from different fields in Mechanical Engineering: System Dynamics and Control (B.Sc.), Solid Mechanics (M.Sc.) and Manufacturing Engineering (Ph.D.)... My main motivation comes from solving multidisciplinary design problems from practise. Some of my research areas: 1) Evolutionary computation for single, multi and many-objective optimization problems, 2) Surrogate-based efficient optimization, 3) Machine learning, and 4) Development of multi-physics computer simulations (i.e. heat transfer, microstructure, stress-deformation, coupled physics, service load scenarios)... Finally, I have started working on development and integration of computational intelligence algorithms with the filament-based 3D printing process and design applications: 1) to minimize the need for support structures, 2) to be able to print kinematic parts in place, 3) to print large objects in small printers, 4) to reduce warping, 5) to design and 3D print accessories, 6) to evolve kinematic virtual creatures to be 3D printed, 7) to perform Reliability Based Design Optimization for 3D printed wind-up car.
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Evolutionary Decomposition for 3D Printing Eric A. Yu, Jin Yeom, Cem C. Tutum, Etienne Vouga, Risto Miikkulainen To Appear In Proceedings of The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2017) (Bes... 2017

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