Swathi Kiran
Swathi is an Associate Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Director of the Aphasia Research Laboratory at Boston University. We have collaborated on computational modeling of bilingual lexicon, in particular on its impairment and rehabilitation in aphasia.
A Computational Account of Bilingual Aphasia Rehabilitation Swathi Kiran, Uli Grasemann, Chaleece Sandberg, and Risto Miikkulainen Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 16:325-342, 2013. 2013

Impairment and Rehabilitation in Bilingual Aphasia: A SOM-Based Model Uli Grasemann, Swathi Kiran, Chaleece Sandberg and Risto Miikkulainen In J Laaksonen and T. Honkela, editors, Proceedings of WSOM11, 8th Workshop on Self-Organizing Ma... 2011

Modeling the Bilingual Lexicon of an Individual Subject Risto Miikkulainen and Swathi Kiran In Proceedings of the Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps (WSOM'09), Berlin, 2009. Springer. 2009


This package contains the C-code and data for training and testing the DISLEX model of the lexicon, which is also par...