Lateral Interactions In The Cortex: Structure And Function (1996)
In the last few years, several new results on the structure, development, and functional role of lateral connectivity in the cortex have emerged. These results have led to a new understanding of the cortex as a continuously-adapting dynamic system shaped by competitive and cooperative lateral interactions. Many of the results and their interpretations are still controversial, and computational and analytical investigations can serve a pivotal role in establishing this new model. This book brings together eleven such investigations, each from a slightly different perspective and level, aiming at explaining what function the lateral interactions could play in the development and information processing in the cortex. The book serves as an overview of the kinds of processes that may be going on, laying the groundwork for understanding information processing in the laterally connected cortex.

[ The entire book is available on the web through the html link below. You can also read it locally by dowloading and expanding the book tar file. ]

Electronic book, ISBN 0-9647060-0-8, Austin, TX: The UTCS Neural Networks Research Group

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