Internally-Generated Activity, Non-Episodic Memory, and Emotional Salience in Sleep (2000)
(1) Substituting (as Solms does) forebrain for brainstem in the search for a dream controller'' is counterproductive, since a distributed system need have no single controller. (2) Evidence against episodic memory consolidation does not show that REM sleep has no role in other types of memory, contra Vertes & Eastman. (3) A generalization of Revonsuo's threat simulation" model in reverse is more plausible and is empirically testable. [If you have access to it, it is easiest to follow the full special issue or the book version in its entirety.]
In S. Harnad and E. Pace-Schott and M. Blagrove and M. Solms, editors, Sleep and Dreaming: Scientific Advances and Reconsiderations, 119-120, Cambridge, UK, 2000. Cambridge University Press. Commentary on the 'Sleep and Dreaming' issue..

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