NEAT: ANJI (Another NEAT Java Implementation)
Released 2004
The ANJI package contains Java source code for the NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies method (see the original NEAT C++ package). Note that ANJI is not based direcly on Kenneth Stanley's original source code so it may differ in some respects. It includes implementations of experiments for XOR and Tic Tac Toe.

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ANJI was written by Derek James and Philip Tucker based on descriptions of NEAT in papers published by Kenneth Stanley and Risto Miikkulainen. Please direct bug reports to Derek or Philip. Please contact for other comments, including ideas or plans for expanding the open source software.

v1.0 6/9/04 james-tucker
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The ANJI Homepage.

Kenneth Stanley Postdoctoral Alumni kstanley [at] cs ucf edu
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