Welcome to the Neural Networks Research Group web site.

The group is directed by Prof. Risto Miikkulainen and is located at the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.


Two Lifelong Learning Machines Projects Started

We have two new projects under DARPA's Lifelong Learning Machines program: "STELLAR: Super Turing Evolving Lifelong Learning ARchitecture" is a multi-institutional project led by HRL Laboratories where the goal is to use neuroevolution in conjunction with reinforcement learning, memory, neuromodulation, and supervised learning to build a complex adaptive control system; "Context-Dependent Reconfiguration of an Intelligent Neural System," with University of Chicago (lead) and Cornell University focusing on lifelong learning in the olfactory system. Both projects build on the opponent modeling framework in Xun Li's dissertation where evolution is operating in two different timescales. Cem Tutum is our lead investigator in both projects.

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