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The group is directed by Prof. Risto Miikkulainen and is located at the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.


XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge Started

The XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge focuses on building better predictors and better prescriptors for non-pharmaceutical interventions (such as restrictions on schools, workplaces, gatherings, transportation) in the COVID-19 pandemic. Cognizant's Evolutionary AI research team (which includes current and former NNRG people Elliot Meyerson, Jason Liang, and Garrett Bingham) built the platform on it, based on the interactive demo using Evolutionary Surrogate-assisted Prescription. With support from Cognizant, the top teams will share a $500,000 prize purse. The idea is to develop technology that will make it possible to manage the end of this pandemic better, including interventions through vaccination, as well as helping cope with future pandemics and other similar decision-making challenges.

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