About the Group

The UTCS Neural Networks Research Group was founded in 1992 by Prof. Risto Miikkulainen. The group is part of the Artificial Intelligence Lab in the Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at Austin. Our research concentrates on cognitive science, computational neuroscience, and evolutionary computation, including natural language processing, episodic memory, concept and schema learning, the visual cortex, and evolving neural networks in sequential decision tasks such as robotics, game playing, and resource optimization.

To learn more about us, use the links at the top of the page. All of the information in the website is interconnected and accessible through (phrase-based) search. Browsing the website is a great way to learn about us. Here are the places to start:

  • The areas section gives an overview of our research areas. Select one to see people, projects, demos, publications, and software in that area.
  • The demos section lists various demos highlighting research results of the Group. Click on the title to see the description and the demo, as well as related people, projects publications, and software.
  • The people section lists the current members, collaborators, alumni, and visitors of the Group. Click on a person's name to see more detail about their interests, publications etc.
  • The projects section describes the major projects going on in the Group (e.g. grants and dissertations), as well as past projects (archived). Clicking on a project name will display the project description, list the people on the project, and link to any related demos, publications, and software.
  • The publications link will take you to the publication list of the Neural Networks Research Group, ordered by year and title. Clicking on an entry will give you an abstract and a reference, as well as a links to the paper itself and related people, projects, demos, and software.
  • The software section contains all of the software that the Group has made available to the research community. Clicking on a software link will give you a description of the package, list of authors, any related publications and demos, and a link to a download.