A Connectionist Corpus-Based Approach to the Building of Word Representations (1994)
Rupert L. Tang
A system for building distributed representations for words using a sliding window is described here which takes a corpora of sentences from either artificial data or natural data. The system is able to develop representations that capture the regularity of word occurrences underlying a given body of text. The paradigm presented here is based on a FGREP module with some variations on the architecture and the training methodology. Experiments are done to show that the system is capable of capturing the surface regularity of words.
Technical Report HR-94-01, Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin, 1994.

Lappoon R. Tang Undergraduate Alumni ltang [at] utb edu
FGREPNET The FGREPNET package contains the C-code and data for training and testing an FGREP network in developing distributed re... 1994