Released 1994
The SPEC package contains the C-code and data for training and testing the SPEC system for processing complex sentences with embedded clauses. The full SPEC system consists of an SRN parser, RAAM stack, and feed-forward Segmenter networks (the software also supports experiments with a single SRN parser alone). It includes a "real-time" X11(R5) graphics display for visualization and debugging and routines for collecting performance statistics throughout training and testing. For more details, see the SPEC paper .

Even though the SPEC package is really one specific sentence processing model, it can serve as a starting point for other experiments with modular connectionist NLP architectures. It includes fairly general code for the SRN, RAAM, and feed-forward back-propagation networks, for the FGREP method for developing distributed representations for words, and also routines for managing the simulation, collecting performance statistics, and visualizing the networks "real-time" on an X11 graphics display.

Comments to discern@cs.utexas.edu.
v1.0 8/12/94 risto
v1.1 9/21/94 risto
- The training and testing scheme is now controlled with running, chain, stacknouns, and includeall parameters and command-line options and allows for more varied strategies.
v1.1.1 1/8/97 risto
- fixed color allocation bug (screens with more than 256 colors)