The Effect of Delivery Method on Conceptual and Strategy Development (2006)
In order to develop intellectual expertise, the student needs to learn how to perform sophisticated pattern identification, and how to employ effective study and test taking strategies. These cognitive requirements are complex and analytical, and formal instruction operates under challenging constraints. In order to help students succeed in their chosen field, we need to understand better how instruction can help develop these meta-cognitive skills. This paper reports the results of a study in which novices attempted to categorize calculus integration problems in one of three delivery methods (Drill and Test, Fully Integrated, Incremental Learning). The results demonstrate that Incremental Learners develop the most effective study and test-taking strategies, have the best conceptual development, and have the most positive reactions to learning. The results, together with a previously reported computational study, support the hypothesis that Incremental Learners develop more effective concepts and strategies.
In Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2006.

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