Released 1994
The HFM package contains the C-code and data for training and testing the HFM memory organization and hierarchical classification model. HFM consists of a pyramid of feature maps that self-organize according to the hierarchical taxonomy of the data. It was developed as the episodic memory organization for the DISCERN story processing system but could be used in other domains as well. HFM includes a "real-time" X11(R5) graphics display for visualization and debugging and routines for collecting performance statistics throughout training and testing. For more details, see the Subsymbolic NLP book , or a (slightly old) HFM paper. Even though HFM was developed as part of DISCERN, it itself can serve as a starting point for various experiments in connectionist cognitive architectures. It includes code for self-organizing feature maps and general routines for managing the simulation, collecting performance statistics, and visualizing the feature map organization on a "real-time" X11 graphics display.

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v1.0 9/21/94 risto   

v1.0.1 1/8/97 risto  

- fixed color allocation bug (screens with more than 256 colors)