TT-UT Austin Villa 2009: Naos across Texas (2009)
In 2008, UT Austin Villa entered a team in the first Nao competition of the Standard Platform League of the RoboCup competition. The team had previous experience in RoboCup in the Aibo leagues. Using this past experience, the team developed an entirely new codebase for the Nao. In 2009, UT Austin combined forces with Texas Tech University, to form TT-UT Austin Villa. TT-UT Austin Villa won the 2009 US Open and placed fourth in the 2009 RoboCup competition in Graz, Austria. This report describes the algorithms used in these tournaments, including the architecture, vision, motion, localization, and behaviors.
Technical Report UT-AI-TR-09-08, The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Computer Science, AI Laboratory, December 2009.

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