Released 1994
The FGREPNET package contains the C-code and data for training and testing an FGREP network in developing distributed representations for words in the sentence case-role assignment task. It includes a "real-time" X11(R5) graphics display for visualization and debugging and routines for collecting performance statistics throughout training and testing. For more details, see the Subsymbolic NLP book , or a (slightly old) paper on FGREP. This package contains the original FGREP experiment which was based on the data from McClelland and Kawamoto's article in the PDP book. FGREP has been since then used in several other models, including the DISCERN story processing model and the SPEC sentence processing system (both available in this same site). The ID content technique for extending the vocabulary is not included in this package, but it is part of the DISCERN/PROC software. The idea is that it should be easy to modify and apply this package to developing I/O representations in various other tasks. The software includes general code for the feed-forward backpropagation network, FGREP, simulation management, performance statistics, and X11 graphics display.

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v1.0 10/3/91 risto  

- HP Starbase graphics version (called fgrep)  

v2.0 9/21/94 risto  

- X11 graphics  

- data and simulation management rewritten  

v2.0.1 1/8/97 risto  

- fixed color allocation bug (screens with more than 256 colors)    

Risto Miikkulainen Faculty risto [at] cs utexas edu
Lappoon R. Tang Undergraduate Alumni ltang [at] utb edu
A Connectionist Corpus-Based Approach to the Building of Word Representations Rupert L. Tang Technical Report HR-94-01, Department of Computer Science, The University of Texas at Austin, 1994. 1994

Natural Language Processing With Modular PDP Networks And Distributed Lexicon Risto Miikkulainen and Michael G. Dyer Cognitive Science, 15:343-399, 1991. 1991