Wilson S. Geisler
Former Collaborator
Bill is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Perceptual Systems. Our collaboration has focused on computational modeling of the visual cortex and scene statistics of motion. He was also a co-advisor of Tal Tversky's dissertation.
Complex Dynamics of V1 Population Responses Explained by a Simple Gain-Control Model Yiu Fai Sit, Yuzhi Chen, Wilson S. Geisler, Risto Miikkulainen, and Eyal Seidemann Neuron, 64:943-956, 2009. 2009

Contour grouping: closure effects are explained by good continuation and proximity Tal Tversky, Wilson S. Geisler and Jeffrey S. Perry Vision Research, 44(24):2769--2777, 2004. 2004


The LISSOM package contains the C++, Python, and Scheme source code and examples for training and testing firing-rate...