De Paula dissertation support files
Released 2007
The trichromatic LISSOM simulations and support scripts used to generate the data presented in the De Paula dissertation. The package is complete (500 MB) and contains:
  • 3 LISSOM parameter files with simulation results and output plots
  • 3 natural image RGB image corpora, with their simulated long, medium, and short cone activation values
  • Matlab code for generating color image gradients
  • Matlab code to plot the hue histograms of color images
  • Python code to convert RGB images to LMS images
  • Python code to compute various measurements of entropy in color natural images
  • The dissertation source code and figures.

  • Note: The package does not contain the LISSOM simulation software itself.
    Judah De Paula Ph.D. Alumni
    Modeling the self-organization of color selectivity in the visual cortex Judah Ben De Paula PhD Thesis, Department of Computer Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, 2007. 2007