Evolving Loss Functions with Multivariate Taylor Polynomial Parameterizations (2020)
Loss function optimization for neural networks has recently emerged as a new direction for metalearning, with Genetic Loss Optimization (GLO) providing a general approach for the discovery and optimization of such functions. GLO represents loss functions as trees that are evolved and further optimized using evolutionary strategies. However, searching in this space is difficult because most candidates are not valid loss functions. In this paper, a new technique, Multivariate Taylor expansion-based genetic loss-function optimization (TaylorGLO), is introduced to solve this problem. It represents functions using a novel parameterization based on Taylor expansions, making the search more effective. TaylorGLO is able to find new loss functions that outperform those found by GLO in many fewer generations, demonstrating that loss function optimization is a productive avenue for metalearning.
In arXiv:2002.00059, 2020.

Santiago Gonzalez Ph.D. Student slgonzalez [at] utexas edu
Risto Miikkulainen Faculty risto [at] cs utexas edu
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